Are your assets working for you in the most tax efficient way? Are your assets properly leveraged to take advantage of maximum opportunity? Are you accepting unnecessary risk with your life insurance or retirement account?

If you are searching for a way to accumulate tax deferred cash values that may be accessed tax free in the future, then indexed universal life may provide the direction you need to insure a better future.

Equity indexed life insurance (or EIUL), like all permanent life insurance, currently offers three distinct tax advantages that in combination are not found in any other insurance or cash accumulation product.

     1. Tax deferred accumulation of cash values
     2. Potential for tax managed income for retirement or college planning
     3. Tax free proceeds transferable at death

Equity indexed universal life insurance offers a unique combination of affordable life insurance with the ability to accumulate cash values that grow with the upward movement of a stock index without the normal downside risk associated with the equities market. Combine the benefits of upside cash value growth potential with the tax deferred benefits associated with life insurance and a minimum guaranteed interest rate and you have an optimum vehicle for accumulating cash.

The major difference with equity indexed universal life is the option to participate indirectly in the upward movement of a stock index without the normal risk associated with investing in the stock market.

Whether you objective is to obtain a flexible low cost life insurance policy, to maximize retirement income in the most tax efficient way or to provide liquidity in estate planning, equity indexed life insurance can help you reach your family and business objectives.

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